At Loft 180 a TreeHouse Partner, we value the time and talents that adults want to offer to a mission they care about. The TreeHouse Community Volunteer Program fulfills vital functions of TreeHouse in the communities we serve while providing meaningful engagement opportunities for its volunteers. Adequate preparation, resources, support and infrastructure ensures the best overall experience for the volunteer while making the greatest impact on TreeHouse youth, staff and the local community.

So many ways to Volunteer.....

Program Youth Facilitator

Invest directly in the lives of teens facing life’s challenges during Support Group programs. Teens benefit from hearing from other teens facing similar trials and receive support and encouragement from their peers and small group leaders.

Group Program Support

Invest directly in the lives of teens by acting in a support role for the crazy games, funny skits, relevant media, and inspirational teaching that make up Thursday’s Going Deeper program. You’ll have a front row seat to witness how this positive environment builds healthy relationships with God, self, and others.

Event Volunteer

Event volunteers will assist and support the program director with event set up and take-down, food service and assisting teens as needed at TreeHouse events.

Prayer Team

Work with TreeHouse staff to form a prayer network for specific requests from and for the teens.

Meals for Teens

Prepare a meal at home, bring it to TreeHouse and serve 25-35 teens before evening program. Ideal service opportunity for families or small groups!

Program Van Driver

Invest directly in the lives of teens at a TreeHouse location during Going Deeper and Support Group programs. Drive a TreeHouse van from your local TreeHouse to pick-up 6-7 teens for dinner and group sessions, then return them home safely. Online training required. You may do this with a friend!

Fundraising Event VOlunteer

Serve on a planning committee for a Loft 180 event and assist with various fundraising related tasks such as sponsorship and auctions. If you’d rather not serve on a committee, volunteer your time and talent to prepare for or work at one of our various events.

Community Development Team Member (CDT)

The CDT team sustains the Loft 180 ministry by focusing on the “Five Ps”: 1. Prayer – Keep God at the center of every endeavor and decision 2. Planning – Shape the form of the ministry in their community 3. Promotion – Engage community awareness of the TreeHouse mission to reach at-risk youth 4. Protection – Care for the needs of their local staff and volunteers 5. Payment – Champion the fundraising efforts to support the work of their local TreeHouse