About Us


Vision of LOFT 180 is to see troubled youth find help and healing through the unconditional love of Christ resulting in transformed lives. 


Loft 180 is an outreach ministry for young people. It is a safe place for young people to be real with each other while worshiping and praising God. Young people will be discipled and be trained to share the love of Christ Jesus, be bold in sharing the gospel, become servant leaders and disciple others for a lifelong impact. The Loft will work with local churches and Christian ministries to help meet the needs of youth in community and to create unity in the body of Christ.

Core Values

As Loft 180 has partnered with TreeHouse, we have adobted their core values.  Staff are grounded in the core values of G.R.A.C.E. which determine how we conduct ourselves in the relationships we share with donors, fellow staff and our teens.


The ministry of Loft 180 has been around since 2008. Some may have know it as “The Alternative of Marshall”.  The name was changed in 2016 to give it a fresh start with the new director, Caleb Schmidt.  Starting 2018 Loft 180 partnered with Tree House to provide even more life saving support to the teens in our community. 


Loft 180 is under the directorship of Caleb Schmidt. He has over 12 years of expeirence in youth ministries. Caleb has passion for helping teenagers navigate the troubles that they face and setting them up for success. Currently he is employed as the director of childrens and youth ministry at a local church. 

Loft 180 is Governed by a board of community members who provide oversite to the ministry. If you would like to join the team or know someone that might be a good fit, please contact caleb at Director@loft180.com.