" Safe place for youth to be themselves."

What's in it for me?


We have a lot of fun. You might even say "It's lit bro!" or NOT. Maybe it's too much fun, but don't take my word for it. Check out the testimonials below.


Live Bands and Entertainment. Dance parties. Talent Shows. Halloween Party. Lock-Ins. Trips to conferences, parks, camps, retreats, etc.


Video Games, Foosball, Ping Pong, Table Top Games, Card Games, brain teasers, and puzzles. At certain times we also play group games.


Live Bands, Karoke, Dance Parties, and Worship Music. We have a stage fully equiped with speakers and lights.


Pop and candy bars available in the vending machine. Water is always free and usually cold. At certain times we provide snack and/or meals for free as they are donated.

Barrier Free

Yep it's free to get in. Need a ride? We will do our best to get you here. We don't care if you're black, white, orange, an alien, gender confused, a pastafarianist, or spongebob. You're still welcome.

Level Up!

Each week we offer a time for you to grow as person. Are large group times offers a fun way to learn something that will change your life. Our volunteers want to see you succeed in life and are their to listen.


Our small group time povides safe enviroment for you to proccess the mess of life and give you hope for the future. You are loved without strings; not alone; and lovable, capable, and worthwhile

Frequently asked questions

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Loft 180 is for teens. Which technically be 13 to 19. 6th grade through 12th grade. If it’s summer than that means going into 6th grade in the fall or just graduated from highschool in the spring.

No, you do not need to bring any money. If you would like to purchase food from the vending machine, buy merch, or donate to Loft 180 than you will need some money.

We are using the facilities of the Marshall e-Free Church. Come in the left front door on the southside of the building. Go down the stairs on the right and take a left at the bottom. Or just follow the sounds of laughter and yelling. See our contact page for direction.

Yes, we love volunteers. Two ways to volunteer. 1. Ask to be on the list for fundraising, and/or project days. 2. Ask about becoming a student leader. This a position that has to be earned by demonstrating your willingness to serve others, upholding good integrity, being responsible, and being honest.

Customers reviews

What teens are saying?

Loft 180 is really fun and I get to meet new people. Mostly on Friday, game night. Gotta get them games in. Better than usually going out in public cause you can be yourself here. It’s something I can actually do in my life, because I’m always stuck at home watching TV or on my phone.
Brendon R.
Tall dark & Handsom
We can actually learn more about Jesus and hangout. There’s not really any places to do that any more.
When you wanna be like yourself and you don’t really like being yourself in front of everyone.
Stooge #1
My favorite thing about loft 180 is friends, have fun, when you wanna do your own thing separate from your parents
Stooge #2
You can be yourself. You meet new friends. You just basically get a life. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s unexplainable, It’s amazing. If your just on your couch at home or being board and don’t know what to do. Come to Loft 180. They always have something fun. Come to the Loft couches. Play video games, play the piano, sing, get new friends or something, play pool, play air hockey, something, ping pong. There is so much to do here. Loft 180 is basically a home away from home. You can act like a monkey and no one will judge you. So, I suggest you all come to the loft.
Beckah B
Gutchi is my thing
My favorite thing is I get to meet new people and get to hang out with a lot of friends. I like coming to Loft 180 because me and my friends get to play video games, we get to horse around, and wrestle. Loft 180 means you can come here and abide by the rules and you be fine.
Jack T.
Pool Shark
You get to meet a lot a new people and just interact with people, because I’m anti-social and I sit at home all day. So, this is a good time to be social, not at school cause everybody at school is messed up. It’s a place where you can be yourself...
Anna L.
Emma Watson
My favorite things about loft 180 are friends, laughter, and visiting Caleb. Have fun with your friends. Never be a couch slouch!
Sarah T.
Queen of Laughter
You can come learn about Christ and play games. So, it’s an epic mix.
Stooge #3
I get freedom here. I get to do whatever I feel like, no just kidding. As a person I get to say how I feel. I can’t really do that everywhere else. And it’s fun. I can just be my self. I can be goofy and stupid at the same time. So, Yeah. My Favorite thing is the people. Loft 180 means family, pretty much, cause I don’t have a relationship with my family, so you guys are pretty much my family. The people at Loft 180 are super caring. They inspire me to be a better person all the time...
Marie B
Load & Crazy