Hello, Most people only see the negative behavior of teens, but at Loft 180, a TreeHouse partner, we see past the behavior and believe there is hope and Love for every teen.  We want to partner with you as parents and guardians, so that we can help your kids have the best possible experience at LOFT 180. This means having good communication. Find out more below.

Frequently asked questions

Is your teen struggling with anything? Does you teen live in Marshall, MN or close by? If Yes to both, than Loft 180 is a good fit. We are barrier free. That means any and every teen is welcome to come and will be loved unconditional. It also means we will provide transportation if needed.  Teens will be expected to follow the rules, if they refuse than their participation in programs maybe limited. 

Three requirements: 1. Fill out the release form 2. Let us know at least 2hrs ahead before the event or programs starts, so we plan our route and make sure we have enough drivers. 3. Follow the rule: “You will be dropped off only at your home without prior parent permission; you will ride home with a LOFT 180 volunteer or with the person you came with.”  

Loft 180 is for teens. Which technically be 13 to 19. But we have expanded that to 5th grade through 12th grade. If it’s summer than that means going into 5th grade in the fall or just graduated from highschool in the spring. No exceptions!

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No, you do not need to bring any money. If you would like to purchase food from the snack bar, buy merch, or donate to Loft 180 than you will need some money.

We want kids to be present with their friends, not their phones. And unfortunately we have to deal with things like theft, sexting, and cyber bullying in today’s world. This eliminates those issues. They may keep their phones on them or turn them in, but if they are caught using them we will take them and securely lock them up for the remainder of the program. If they need to know the time, we have clocks set up. If you need to get a hold of your child you may call me at 507-476-1252 or any other volunteer you may have contact with. Leave a message if we don’t answer and we will return your call as soon as we are able. Students may also use my phone if they need to call you.

No, your teen must come when the program or event starts and leave when it ends. We have a one way door, not a revolving door. Exceptions are allowed if prior consent by you the parent is given ahead of time.

Release Forms

This gives Loft 180 your permision to transport, take care of emergancy medical needs, and use media of your child for promoting the organization. We would like every parent to fill one out and return it. Thank You!


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