Loft 180 Rules

Why do we have to have so many rules? Some rules keep us safe. Some make things work right.  Some help us to love others. If we didn’t have traffic laws, How many more car crashes and people dying would there be? evertriedtoreadwithoutrules It’s not easy and does not work so well. Ever played a board game or card game without following rules? It’s not very fun and people usually get pretty mad. For the same reason we need these awesome rules at LOFT 180.

We don’t have a revolving door! Why in the world would you want to come late or leave early in the first place? Being timely helps things go smooth and this way you don’t miss anything. Parents or guardians can be assured there child is where there supposed to be. Exception will be made for emergency or if arrangements are made ahead of time.

If you show up too early you will either be stuck outsided or bothering staff when they are trying to prepare to be open. Being stuck outside is no fun and possibly dangerous depending on weather. Unprepaired and annoyed staff makes for a not so fun day at loft 180. 

Nobody at Loft 180 wants a phone call from a parent/gaurdain asking where there child is. We want you to get home safe and we don’t want the adults worring about you. It’s no fun if your grounded or kidnapped!

Don’t do drugs or alcohol and don’t be guilty by association. These things are not safe and can really mess up your life! We can have plenty of fun without these kina influences.

It’s the law and nobody wants lung cancer. Hacking and coughing up a lung is no fun. 

Yep, this ones harsh, I know. Let me explain….  First of all we want you to hangout with friends not your electronics, seriously you can do that at home. Secondly, we don’t want you getting your precious devices stolen, lost, broken or worse your online identity. Thirdly, this elimaniates possibly of cyber-bulling and sexting. Safety is everything and electronics pose a serious risk to your safety and ultimatly your fun. If you need to make a call or your parents need to contact you, you may use the Loft 180 phone (507-476-1252) or one of the other staff/volunteers. We have a clock at the front door and on the wall for telling time.

RESPECT is the way we treat others and things becuase we love them. If your at LOFT 180 than your gonna love it, so show some respect. If you don’t love it and can not be respectful, well it would be sad to have to take you home and tell you not to come back.

The stuff’s expensive and easy to break, so for the love of all that is good in the world please don’t touch it! Music, videos, and content played through the system must be approved. It’s not your own personal boom box or karoke machine. We also have to be consiterate of the rest of the people in the room.

House rules will be enforced with appropriate consequences.
Do the crime do the time.

“Let the punishment fit the crime.” ― William Schwenck Gilbert, The Mikado