We have a big announcement to make…..

Loft 180 is officially moving out! We do not have a new location. Due to lack of funding and lack of volunteers we are no longer able to continue to stay at our downtown place. During the summer we will be meeting up in various locations as time and schedules allow. Some potential places are the parks, library, YMCA, or a church.

Cleaning out the place is going to be big job. Come on over! Bring your muscles, and/or cleaning skills with a willing heart. Got a pickup or trailer and some time to kill? Help us get the broken couches to landfill.  Contact Caleb Schmidt @ 507-476-1252. Everything is up for grabs! Make a reasonable donation and it’s yours to take home.  First come first serve and you must be capable of moving it out. If your going after the big items make sure you bring a truck or trailer and some friends with muscle.

Dates & Time:
Friday 24
th  4pm-7pm
Saturday 25
th 8pm-3pm
Or by Appointment

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