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What is Loft 180?

Loft 180 is a safe place where you can come and be yourself, make new friends, have fun, and learn who God is. In order for it to be a safe and welcoming place we do not tolerate drugs, smoking, alcohol, or weapons on the property. At Loft 180 we have a platform with sound, lights, video screen, and a dance floor that works amazing for karaoke, talent shows, concerts, dance lessons, videos, and praise music. One of the things we do best at Loft 180 is having fun. To help with the fun we have table top games, pool, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and video games. With all the excitement you may find yourself thirsty or hungry in which case we have drinks and snacks available for purchase or free.

Who is Loft 180 for?

Loft 180 is for everybody! We do not discriminate against age, skin color, race, religion, or gender. Although, our youth nights and events are only for those in 7th-12th grade or 13-19 year olds, we are open for all ages during evening praise music, family oriented events, and special occasions. Also, anyone who is young at heart and has a desire to mentor, disciple, and teach students may also apply to help out with the youth. Loft 180 youth events are for any student that needs a safe place to get away, have fun, be with friends, relax, listen to music, be encouraged, and get help. Loft 180 evening praise is for anyone who likes modern Christian music with a combination of Piano, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, and Vocal Singers. You do not have to stand or sing in order to enjoy the worship. Come as you are and experience the love, joy, and peace of God’s presence.

When can I come?

Like us on Facebook or visit to stay up on the latest happenings.

Evening Worship Wednesday @ 7pm
(Come @ 6pm for practice if you want to be in the band)

How do I get to Loft 180?

What's the name all about?
‘Loft’ is symbolic of it being on the second floor, and also parallels the “upper room” in Acts where the disciples waited and received Holy Spirit. ‘180’ is a symbol of being turned back to Christ from our sinful ways by the transforming of our minds. ( Romans 12:2) The logo is an ‘L’ for Loft and an ‘U Turn symbol’. The name encompasses our desire to be saved by the blood of Christ and empowered to do his will by the Holy Spirit.